For all of us, life is busy. So busy that often times we fail to engage ourselves with things that will sustain us, build us up, and allow us to tackle life's craziness head-on. We know that we cannot possibly do life on our own, although we often try. As a part of a LifeGroup, you'll connect with families and individuals just like you, share life-strategies and ideas, and meet people who are walking this road right along with you. 

The Bible tells us that we weren't meant to go at it alone - that we are to live in "community" with one another. As New Song grows, and as we reach more and more people with the good news of Jesus, it's our desire that you connect and grow with people just like you - not only on Sundays, but everytime new friendships can begin.

Our groups director John Seibert would love to connect with you!  



New Song would not be able to exist without the dedicated volunteers who serve every Sunday.   It is our goal to find ministries or service that offer growth and opportunity to be the hands and heart of Christ.  It is in this way that we truly grow closer to God.

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